Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 10 Pan

Hey there,
Title of this post is self-explanatory. I have failed FOUR times already with Project 10 Pan. The first time I tried was when the first hype of it got to youtube. Then, with each guru trying it, I was inspired to do the same. But, for some odd reason, I never succeeded to finish more than 3 products. So I just get tired of it. Nevertheless, I am giving it another try, #5! There are many products I want to get rid off. My problem is not the "no-buy rule." Au contraire, I just get bored of using the same products and feel pressured to forget experiementing with my makeup. Do you feel me here? I hate forcing myself to use a product I never grab anyways... But, I must!!! So that these 10 products won't be part of my collection anymore and I can finally breathe happy. Share your thoughts on P10P in the comments area - have you succeeded or not, what are your reasons for doing it or for not doing it, and on... Any questions on the following products, feel free to ask them.

The 10 products in the fifth round:
1. Clinique Foundation (Look for my review in this blog)
2. Carmex
3. Wet n Wild Pencil in Bronze
4. Wet n Wild Lipgloss
5. Foundation Samples
6. Estee Lauder Face Creme
7. L'Oreal Mineral Foundation
8. DK Creme Sample
9. New York & Co.: Uptown Angel - Vanilla Body Mist
10. New York and Co.: Downtown Darling - Passion Fruit Body Mist

Wish me luck please :)
(Change of color from blue to maroon = product finished)
~ TheBeautyBebe

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