Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gold and Pink Look

Hey there,

I haven't posted in such a long time and wanted to make a comeback with something new: a tutorial! Well, not really because I do not walk you through it. I just show you what I used and you can see how you can recreate it if you would like. All products have been purchased by me throughout the last year. I do use both drugstore and department store brands.

Products used:


- Urban Decay Primer Potion (the original - prepares the eyelid for color and keeps the shadows on for long without creasing)
- MAC Paintpot in "Soft Ochre" (for base)
- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow in the color "Hot Ginger" (gold-y, shimmer-y; I used it dry today)
- Lancome Color Design eyeshadow in "Five Star" Metallic (purple-ish pink, carefully blended with the gold shadow, start in the whole crease then maneuver the color according to your eye shape)
- Lancome Color Design Quad, eyeshadow "Daylight" (matte finish, used as a highlight color for the browbone, blend with "Five Star" for faded effect)

- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack" (gel eyeliner, used for waterline and tightline)
- Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in "01 Softsmudge Black" (smudged on the lower lashline)

Lashes ~

- Clinique "High Impact Mascara" in 01 Black (one coat only)

Eyebrows ~

- L'Oreal HIP Duo in "808 Foxy" (I used the matte brown color)

Lips ~

- Maybelline lipstick in "550 Sand" (beige color, super smooth)
- NYC lipgloss in "538" (the sticker peeled off so I don't know the exact name, sorry :[ but it's a beige color as well, smells like coconut)

Face ~

- Clinique "Almost Makeup SPF 15" foundation in 03 Medium
- Lancome Blush Subtil Powder Blush in "Cedar Rose" (contains fine/small shimmers, light peach color, gives a highlight effect, especially on tanned skin)

*PLEASE NOTE: I did not use a concealor today *

Yep, that is it for today. So glad to be back; I should learn to update more often.

Till later, bye bye!!!

~ TheBeautyBebe

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Give your nails a little help

Hey there,

As I have stated before in one of my posts, I used to be a huge nail bitter. I spend about a year dependant on press-ons and fake nails because I couldn't grow my own nails. About two months ago, I decided to stop 11 years of purely destroying my poor nails and the area around them. Proud to say I have not bit my nails since. I know it's hard and you may think you won't be able to do it. Actually, I know exactly how that feels. But I also know the feeling I get when I see my nail beds recovered and the nail growing past the flesh. I finally have nail tips! And that is all due to these two:

Sally Hansen's Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener and Sally Hansen's Grow Nails Now Nail Growth Solution
You can get either (or in my case, both!) at drugstores. Since they are nail treatments, they will cost more than a Sally Hansen nail polish. With a buy one, get second 1/2 at Rite Aid, both products came to around $12.99. I dislike its packaging, it's a bit too much. I understand that unlike nail polish, using a nail treatment needs directions. But, if the directions are in the back of the bottle, it's unnecessary to tag along more paper with same directions. I wish Sally Hansen thought of that. However, for the product, I can get past that fact. On to the each product review.

1) Name: Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener

This is pretty much your ordinary base coat and top coat. It comes in a 0.5 fl oz/14.7 ml bottle that has cute packaging (green top and label aww). The brush and the bottle are the same as any S H nail polish. The directions on the back of it say the following.

TO USE: Apply 1 coat as a base coat. Let dry. Apply 1-2 coats of your Sally Hansen nail color. Let dry. Apply Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener as a top coat for a high gloss finish.

Now, you do not need to use SH nail polish; any brand works just fine. I like it as a base coat and as a top coat. It dries fairly quick and has a nice texture that makes my nail feel softer before using nail polish. The "high gloss finish" is definitely achievable with only one coat of this. It also makes my nail color more long lasting and it takes longer to chip. I love it for that purpose. As a nail strengthener, however, it failed to impress me. I was super excited for the green tea action,, which didn't happen with me. I did not notice any major strengthening to my nails neither while having this on nor after using it. Since this costs more than the regular base or top coat, I won't repurchase it just for that purpose. I will be in the lookout for a new nail strengthener as soon as I am done with this. I brush it on my nails at least 2 times a week, so for the half of bottle left, that should take me about 1 month.

2) Name: Grow Nails Now Nail Growth Solution

Directions: Brush generously over nails and cuticles; gentkly massage in. Let nails dry before applying nail enamel, or wear alone for a natural look.

This is one of my favorite nail treatments out there. I find the price to be reasonable for the quality of the product. The brush is just like the other except that it initially looks like a stick - you need to distribute its hairs manually. You brush it on like a nail polish but this is made of a different texture. You will see air working with it and dry it on your nail as soon as contact happens. If you do not massage it into your nails and cuticles, it will just stay on your skin and become sticky and then uncomfortable all over your hands.
This stuff works miracles. As directions stated, I use it 5-10 mins before layering on a base coat - 5 min to masage it in and 5 to let it dry. Your nail will feel stronger after the first week of use, even though that is not the purpose of this product. As for length/nail growth, you will definitely notice a different within the first few days. Even after many generous applications (two coats each time - one before base coat and one after top coat, twice a day, every day of the week!), this stuff never seems to run out. It's been over three weeks of using it and I'm only done 1/5 of the 0.45 fl oz/13.3ml bottle (btw, the weight is not visible on this one; I was looking hard to find it,, rgh). I am going to get a backup of this soon because I love it!
Just for a side note, I have not been using this simultaneously with my Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (for which I already have a review) so I can assure you any results of changes in my nails are due to both of these products and nothing else.
On to explore more treatments for my lovely&adorable fresh new nails.
~ TheBeautyBebe

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exfoliater Review

Wow... It's been so long since I haven't blogged. The snow outside has me on a blogging mood. So here I am. Lately, I have been addicted to exfoliators - both face and body.

Spotlight on: The Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Scrub
I got this as a gift from my friend Ennie. So the price I found on the website ( is $20 for 200 ml/8.4 fl oz. You can also purchase it in a 50 ml/1.69 fl oz jar (only part of a Christmas Limited Edition Gift Set). The packaging is cute and simple. It comes on a jar with a warm toned theme. The jar itself is clear which allows you to see how much product you have in there. The scrub itself is a cream color, a mixture of milky body wash with dark brown sugar (or honey, I think it's honey) & nutmeg (which is walnut shells turned into powder, or in this case rougher than powder) granules. It is meant for body use so I wouldn't recommend as a face scrub; it is a bit rougher than necessary.

The title is truthful to the smell - pure nutmeg and vanilla scent that will permeate the room. When I use this in the shower, I don't need any bath gels or anything that I usually use for a nice ambience and smell. This does the trick. As the website says, it will make you nostalgic, a feeling I love. You might have to stop yourself from trying to eat this thing, sooo delicious hehe. However, the scent won't stay in your skin for long after you cleanse it. If you are a fan of the frangrance like I am, your best bet is buying a lotion part of the line.

The granules are very chunky. Sometimes they will stay on the rim of the jar and stop you from fully closing it so make sure to clean the sides. I usually begin scrubbing by taking product from the rim and then moving on to the cap. I rarely need to dig in the jar itself. This also saves me from allowing water get into the jar. If you are afraid that might happen to you, try pouring a little of the scrub into the cap and then putting the jar away from water contact, since you won't need it.

On to how effective the product is...
I really like using this on my knees and ankles. Use circular motions around any area of your body for better rresults. If your skin is so dry to the point of seeing cracks in it, stay away from a scrub because it could make it bleed. Try some conditioning on it (whether it's home remedies or store solutions) and then use this scrub. It works miracles during those lazy days I forget putting lotion on my legs (yea, that's baaad!). I will use this three times a week max, sometimes it works better every third day or so. The honey makes your skin soft and nutritions it after the scrub takes out the dirt out of your skin (remember, scrubbing depletes your skin's moisture so the honey is a major plus is ANY face or body scrub!).

Those are my thoughts. Maybe some day, I will blog about all of the items I have from this collection. Until my next post, stay warm and enjoy my blog :)