Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Drugstore Jewel

Hey there,
I'm so excited to share with you a great makeup item I found at a drugstore.
Spotlight on: Revlon's Age Defying Makeup & Concealor Compact with Botafirm, Oil Free and SF 20.

Wow, that is a mouthful of a product name, I know. I bought this at Rite Aid one day; it was on clearance and it cost me about $5. YES, that cheap! I really loved the presentation of the product and since I knew I would have to change foundations soon because of summer, I decided to pick this one up. I don't remember its exact price that you can buy it at without a clearance. So just hunt for a clearance (Rite Aid has tons of them) if you would like to just try it out. I did and I'm loving it every time I use it.
This compact has a mirror and a sponge inside, along with a concealor and a foundation. I've never used the sponge applicator because it takes too much product It comes in eight shades, which should fit most skintones, in my opinion. If you find that the color of the foundation does not perfectly match your own skin color, then just mix the foundation and the concealor for a lighter shade. I prefer to use a powder on top to set it and to add some color. If that doesn't work, just use bronzer and problem solved :) If you have yellow-undertones, you will most likely find an amazing match and will be satisfied. These are the available shades from what I know:
01 - Ivory Beige
02 - Nude Beige
03 - Sand Beige (my shade)
04 - Natural Beige
05 - Medium Beige
06 - Honey Beige
07 - Natural Tan
08 - Early Tan
Will finish up later....

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